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Soak Staves Box - 3 different flavors (Sherry, Peated, Rum)
In stock (> 5 pc)
Soak Staves are three wooden barrel staves, stored in three 200 ml bottles, in three different finishes, designed to unique finishing to your spirits. Do you know why your favourite whisky, rum or cognac has its typical golden colour? After firing,
28.84 € without VAT 34.90 €
MIKAMAX Rose Wine Glass Set
In stock (> 5 pc)
24.71 € without VAT 29.90 €
MIKAMAX Light Up Teddy
In stock (> 5 pc)
32.98 € without VAT 39.90 €
MIKAMAX 24K Golden Rose
In stock (> 5 pc)
MIKAMAX 24K Golden Rose - Symbol of Eternal Love and Luxury! The Golden Rose is a work of art that combines the beauty of nature with the splendor of luxury. This gem is meticulously crafted from a genuine rose, each petal and stem are gilded in 24K
37.19 € without VAT 45 €
Merlin´s Farm Kalender 2024
In stock (> 5 pc)
Merlin's Farm Calendar 2024 is a unique calendar that takes you month by month to the idyllic setting of Merlin's Farm in Chvalovice - Hatě, where each page reveals beautiful photographs of farm scenes, animals and seasonal landscapes.  Merlin's Far
6.85 € without VAT 8.29 €
MIKAMAX Jerrycan Giftset 10l Black
In stock (1 pc)
Gift set - 10l canister from MIKAMAX is the ideal gift for your friends, employees or your business partners. This gift box in the shape of a canister with an authentic design and a volume of 10 litres is a smaller version of the 20 litre canister wi
106.61 € without VAT 129 €
MIKAMAX Twisted Decanter Set
In stock (> 5 pc)
Gift this beautiful gift set to whisky or bourbon lovers and delight them with the stylish "Twisted" design. This unique "spinning" decanter catches the eye with its modern, sleek and elegant design and is made of crystal clear glass. The set includ
48.76 € without VAT 59 €
MIKAMAX Deluxe Diamond Decanter set
In stock (> 5 pc)
This luxury gift set will surely make everyone who loves whiskey or bourbon happy. This gift set includes:     1 piece "Deluxe Diamond" 850 ml decanter     1 pc sturdy wooden plate with engraving for 2 glasses     2 glasses     1 pc ice tongs     1
48.76 € without VAT 59 €
MIKAMAX Coctail Shaker Set Matt Black
In stock (> 5 pc)
This great gift set is especially for those of you who love cocktails and like to experiment. With this elegant set you can mix perfect cocktails thanks to its easy grip. You will also find cocktail recipes in the set, so you can get started right aw
23.97 € without VAT 29 €
MIKAMAX Obrácená vinná sklenice na víno
In stock (> 5 pc)
Surprise your surroundings with this upside down wine glass. This stylish wine glass will make a great gift for your loved ones. Pour your wine or other beverage onto the stem and watch it fill up, giving you the feeling of your wine floating in the
11.56 € without VAT 13.99 €
MIKAMAX Jerrycan 20l Gin Bar red
In stock (2 pc)
MIKAMAX Jerrycan 20 l Gin Bar red is a gift set that will be an ideal gift for your friends, employees or your business partners. This gift box in the shape of a canister with an authentic design and a capacity of 20 litres is a larger version of the
156.20 € without VAT 189 €
MIKAMAX Diamond Decanter
In stock (> 5 pc)
Give this perfect diamond-looking decanter to a loved one or to a whiskey or bourbon lover. The clear glass decanter with a luxurious base is handcrafted by skilled woodworkers and the glass stopper beautifully seals the decanter, preserving the tast
28.93 € without VAT 35 €
MIKAMAX Bullet Bottle Opener
In stock (2 pc)
Do you want to impress and be as they say "cool"? You certainly can with this bullet-shaped opener, and not just at parties. You can hang this stylish bottle opener on your keys and thus always have it handy whenever you need it. Handy for beer and s
5.78 € without VAT 6.99 €
MIKAMAX Kouzelná karafa na víno
In stock (> 5 pc)
Wine lovers, make yourself happy with this essential accessory for any occasion, whether relaxing or enjoying with friends. This wine decanter has been designed to enhance the taste of your wine so you can enjoy every sip to the fullest. The set inc
11.98 € without VAT 14.49 €
MIKAMAX Skull Shot Glass
In stock (> 5 pc)
Outfit yourself for Halloween and get this cool skull-shaped shot glass. The glass is made of transparent crystal glass. Content: approx. 6 cl
6.19 € without VAT 7.49 €
MIKAMAX Glass Skull Bottle 1000ml
In stock (> 5 pc)
Make someone close to you happy with this mystical skull-shaped glass decanter. This 1000 ml glass bottle will serve you as a drink decanter. The screw cap ensures a perfect seal. Weight: 249 grams Dimensions: 15,5 x 11 x 13 cm
16.52 € without VAT 19.99 €
MIKAMAX Drinking Roulette Game
In stock (> 5 pc)
Get ready for fun with the MIKAMAX Drinking Roulette Game! This original party game brings the classic thrill of roulette to refresh the fun at any party! The package includes everything you need: a roulette wheel, a ball and 16 glasses, marked with
13.21 € without VAT 15.99 €
MIKAMAX Coctail Tree Stand -Expandable
In stock (> 5 pc)
This tree-shaped cocktail stand will make a great gift for friends, acquaintances or family. A great helper at parties or special occasions. The stand has a beautiful and tasteful design in matte black, is easy to set up and holds up to 12 glasses.
54.55 € without VAT 66 €
MIKAMAX Happy Man set of 3 pcs
In stock (> 5 pc)
Have loads of fun at a party with friends with the "Happy Men" set. These cheerful little men will help you, for example, to open your favourite bottle or help you to close it again. And when they have nothing to do, they can serve as fun decorations
7.84 € without VAT 9.49 €
MIKAMAX Tequila Decanter Set
In stock (> 5 pc)
Treat tequila fans to this beautiful and original gift. In the middle of the decanter and the glasses is the agave plant, from which tequila is made. The decanter is handmade from crystal clear glass that boasts lightness and durability. The serving
57.02 € without VAT 69 €
MIKAMAX Whisky Smoker
In stock (> 5 pc)
This whiskey smoking set will be the perfect gift for any whiskey lover. A simple way to make whisky really unique and refined. The set includes: Smoker - carved from beech wood Fillable burner Removable stainless steel mesh Cleaning brush 4 flavours
23.97 € without VAT 29 €
MIKAMAX Whisky & Cigar Tray
In stock (> 5 pc)
For whisky and cigar lovers, this elegant whisky and cigar tray with accessories is the perfect gift for you. Made from quality materials, the tray has a practical design that is sure to impress. The tray includes the necessary accessories: 1 c
22.31 € without VAT 27 €
MIKAMAX Jerrycan Mixed Drink 20l Bar Black
In stock (2 pc)
The gift set - 20l canister in black from MIKAMAX is an ideal gift for your friends, employees or your business partners. This gift box in the shape of a canister with an authentic design and a capacity of 20 litres is a larger version of the 10 litr
164.46 € without VAT 199 €
MIKAMAX Wine Gift Set
In stock (> 5 pc)
This stylish wine gift set is the perfect gift for anyone who loves wine. Everything you need for wine is at your fingertips. The gift set includes: Corkscrew Wine stopper Wine pourer Anti-drip ring Foil cutter Package dimensions: 7 x 7 x 32.5
11.98 € without VAT 14.49 €

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