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Hennessy VS 0,7L 40% Holiday Edition New
In stock (5 pc)
30.58 € without VAT 37 €
Hennessy VS 0,7L 40% Giftbox
In stock (> 5 pc)
28.93 € without VAT 35 €
Courvoisier VS 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
The Master Blender's tasting notes:A fruity, delicate taste with a bouquet suffused with ripe fruit and spring flowers. The aroma is rich, fresh and oaky balanced with the vigour of a young cognac. The finish is short but very intense and as powerful
24.79 € without VAT 30 €
Meukow VS 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Presented in its remarkable bottle decorated with a black panther, Meukow VS Cognac offers much higher distinctive tasting qualities than the average VS.
27.27 € without VAT 33 €
Hennessy VS 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Hennessy V.S. is a blend of the finest cognacs, aged to full maturity in oak barrels in the town of Cognac, where Richard Hennessy established his company in 1765. Full bodied with a pronounced aroma of oak and hazelnuts, a rich floral taste with ton
46.28 € without VAT 56 €
Martell VS 0,7l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Since 1715, the Martell family has guarded jealously the integrity of the Cognacs that bear its name. A blend of eaux-de-vie from the four principal growing areas of the Charente, Martell V.S. Martell is one of the oldest producers of Cognac in the w
24.79 € without VAT 30 €

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