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Ballantines + glass 0,7 l 40% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
11.56 € without VAT 13.99 €
Chivas Regal 15Y 0,7 l 40% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
42.98 € without VAT 52 €
Isle of Skye 8Y 1l 40% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
Unfurling like a raven’s wing into the stormy Hebridean Sea, has stirred the souls of people across millennia, generations and geographies, and none more so than Ian Macleod, who created Isle of Skye whisky on the island in 1933. Rich, robust and sou
19.01 € without VAT 23 €
J.Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare V Port Dund 1l 43,8% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
371.07 € without VAT 449 €
Ballantine’s True Music Queen Limited Edition Scotch Whisky 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
19.42 € without VAT 23.50 €
Chivas XV 15Y Diwali Limited Edition Festive Series 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
81.82 € without VAT 99 €
Dewar's Double2 26Y 0,5 l 46%
In stock (> 5 pc)
280.17 € without VAT 339 €
Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition II 0,7 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition II is a limited edition 21 year old blend that is the result of an experimental blending process led by Sandy Hyslop, Royal Salute's master blender, and Richard Quinn, the world-renowned designer. Through the carefu
164.46 € without VAT 199 €
Chivas Royal Salute 23Y 0,7l 40% Exclusive GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
Chivas Royal Salute 23Y Exclusive GB introduces a brand new special edition in 2023, designed specifically for the Taiwanese market. This exceptional blended whisky is unique, making it the first Scotch whisky to exclusively celebrate and embrace Tai
214.05 € without VAT 259 €
J.Walker Blue Zodiac Rabbit 2023 1l 40% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
263.64 € without VAT 319 €
Cutty Sark 0,7l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
CUTTY SARK ORIGINAL is an iconic whisky that pays homage to Scotland's heritage and craftsmanship. The first in its family, it is characterised by its smoothness and finesse, the result of the precise production process and the talents of master blen
12.39 € without VAT 14.99 €
J&B Rare Scot.Whisky 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
J&B Rare is traditional Scotch whisky meets the modern art of mixology. With flavours designed specifically for mixology, J&B Rare becomes the basis for creative and bold cocktails, turning every drink into an unforgettable experience. J&
18.18 € without VAT 22 €
Dewar´s DD 20Y 0,5 l 46% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
Dewar's Double Double 20Y is an exclusive and sophisticated Scotch whisky that draws inspiration from an innovative process pioneered by Dewar's in 1901. This exclusive expression undergoes a meticulous four-stage maturation process: maturation, blen
109.92 € without VAT 133 €
Johnnie Walker Blue XOrdinaire 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Johnnie Walker Blue Label XOrdinaire is a gem among Scotch whiskies that was specially designed for travellers. This limited edition is a masterpiece that combines rare casks and unique craftsmanship to offer a truly extraordinary experience for any
296.69 € without VAT 359 €
King Robert II 12Y 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
King Robert II 12Y is a blended Scotch whisky with a rich tradition that will appeal to you for its depth and refinement. This rich and slightly smoky 12 year old whisky is kept in carefully selected casks where it matures and acquires its unique cha
19.01 € without VAT 23 €
King Robert II 8Y 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
King Robert II 8Y is an exclusive Scotch whisky that promises full flavour and distinctive character. This 8 year old whisky is carefully crafted from the finest single malt and grain Scotch whiskies. Each component of this blend has been selected fo
15.69 € without VAT 18.99 €
Glen Moray Classic 1 l 48% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
Glen Moray Classic in special giftbox is the perfect choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the world of single malt Scotch whiskies. This light, smooth and fruity whisky is the perfect introduction to the rich and varied flavours for whi
23.97 € without VAT 29 €
J.Walker Black Label Highlands Origin 0,7l 42% GB
In stock (3 pc)
32.23 € without VAT 39 €
Belgian Owl 5Y PX Sherry Cask Finish 0,5l 46% GB
In stock (3 pc)
135.54 € without VAT 164 €
J.Walker Blue Label Nomad Cities Mars 0,7l 40% GB
In stock (4 pc)
271.90 € without VAT 329 €
J.Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare V Port Dund 0,7l 43,8% GB
In stock (3 pc)
379.34 € without VAT 459 €
J.Walker Blue Label Ghost and Rare IV Pittyvaich 0,7l 43,8% GB
In stock (3 pc)
368.60 € without VAT 446 €
Belgian Owl Origine New - Make 0,5l 46%
In stock (> 5 pc)
The Land of Hesbaye at its purest. Nothing but water and barley, distilled to perfection, young at heart. Unaged and ageless. A fresh nose and a strong body. Hints of almond, malt, coffee and pear.
40.50 € without VAT 49 €
Belgian Owl Identity Green 0,5l 46%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Signature whisky. Tones of toasted oak and gooey caramel with a fruity signature. Generous but balanced. The perfect daily dram.
51.24 € without VAT 62 €

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