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Scallywag Speyside Blended Malt 1l 48%
In stock (> 5 pc)
A marriage of Speyside Single Malts, bottled at 48% ABV with no chill filtration and no colouring. Created in honour of a long line of Douglas Laing family Fox Terriers, the Scallywag name and distinctively delightful dog design are most fitting for
39.67 € without VAT 48 €
Chivas Regal 18Y W.C. 1l 48% Giftbox
In stock (> 5 pc)
Chivas Regal 18 Year Old Whisky Cask 1L 48% is a delicious and high quality Scotch whisky from the Chivas Regal brand. This gift pack contains a 1 litre bottle of this excellent whisky, which has been matured for 18 years in oak casks to give it its
90.08 € without VAT 109 €
J.Walker Black L.E.2022 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Limited Edition product. A much-loved and respected 12 year old blended Scotch, Johnnie Walker Black Label is one of the world's most famous blends. Born in 1909, Black Label is a blend of around 40 whiskies, with a distinctive mellow smoky note. Ta
44.63 € without VAT 54 €
Jameson Black Barel 0,7l 40% Giftbox with flask
In stock (> 5 pc)
Jameson was born in 1780 thanks to the distiller John Jameson, who created his triple distilled, smooth and perfectly balanced Irish whiskey. Today, they continue his tradition by ensuring that Jameson whiskey is still as perfect as the day John Jame
22.31 € without VAT 27 €
J.Walker Gold L.E. 2022 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Limited Edition product. Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve is a whisky that plays nicely with others but always holds its own. This award-winning Scotch is made from vibrant whiskies chosen for their sweet, honeyed qualities. Discover vivid flavour i
61.98 € without VAT 75 €
Chivas Regal 12Y 0,5l 40%
In stock (3 pc)
17.36 € without VAT 21 €
Loch Lomond Reserve Blend 0,7l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
12.97 € without VAT 15.69 €
Motorhead Iron Fist 0,7l 40%
In stock (4 pc)
In terms of taste, this whiskey belongs to the top segment. Its multi-faceted profile ranges from aromas of caramel, dried fruit, nuts and oak to a rounded sweetness on the finish. This whiskey is so good it deserves to be named after one of the best
31.40 € without VAT 38 €
Glenfiddich Vat2 1l 43% Giftbox
In stock (> 5 pc)
Mellow yet complex, VAT 02 defies explanation. Matured in Spanish sherry casks and dynamically married in our Solera VAT 2, this rich single malt develops through continuous motion to deliver a deliciously smooth taste that intrigues. A bold and silk
59.50 € without VAT 72 €
Glenfiddich Vat1 1l 40% Giftbox
In stock (> 5 pc)
VAT 01 is an exceptionally elegant single malt, suited to every palate. Ever in motion thanks to continuous blending in our Solera VAT 1, this expression uniquely layers sweet and spicy notes for a soft and mellow taste with added depth due to its ma
48.76 € without VAT 59 €
Monkey Shoulder 1l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
28.93 € without VAT 35 €
Dewar's Double Agent 16Y 1l 40% Giftbox
In stock (> 5 pc)
DEWAR'S® Double Agent Blended Scotch Whisky is one of the newest products for Dewar’s. After double ageing, the signature process of Dewar’s, the whisky is separated into two batches: the first is finished in sweet Oloroso sherry casks, the second in
47.93 € without VAT 58 €

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