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Glenlivet 18Y 0,7l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
61.98 € without VAT 75 €
Midleton Very Rare Release 2024 0,7 l 40% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
230.58 € without VAT 279 €
Glenfiddich Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky 30Y 0,7 l 43% Investment tip
In stock (2 pc)
825.62 € without VAT 999 €
McConnell's Irish Whisky 5Y Sherry Cask 0,7l 46% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
McConnell's Irish Whisky was first established in Belfast in 1776 and was hugely successful brand for over 150 years. A series of industry changes and company misfortunes including the introduction of prohibition in the USA and warenhouse blaze in Du
45.45 € without VAT 55 €
McConnell's Irish Whisky 5Y 0,7l 42% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
It all started in 1776 when the McConnell family from Belfast began selling their whisky to the public. It quickly became one of the most sought-after spirits in Ireland, and to meet the demand, the McConnells built a distillery: a sprawling, bustlin
28.93 € without VAT 35 €
Clyde May's Straight Rye Whisky 0,7l 47% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
Distilled since 1946, legal since 2001. Over 70 years of authenticity, dedication, integrity and perseverance - that's what it takes to become the country's first official state spirit, the Official State Spirit of Alabama. Brilliant amber color. Vi
40.50 € without VAT 49 €
Old Pulteney 16Y 0,7L 43% New
In stock (5 pc)
51.24 € without VAT 62 €
Ballantine’s True Music Queen Limited Edition Scotch Whisky 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
19.42 € without VAT 23.50 €
Hibiki Harmony Special Travel Edition 0,7 l 43% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
205.79 € without VAT 249 €
Wild Turkey RARE BREED Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Proof 0,7 l 58,4% GB
In stock (4 pc)
Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a very good, particularly strong bourbon - that is, a real "single proof", that is, it is bottled undiluted directly from the barrel, resulting in the strength and high alcohol content. This bourbon is a marriage of Wild Tur
48.76 € without VAT 59 €
Bowmore 10Y ASTON MARTIN Dark & Intense 1 l 40% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
Amidst the wild beauty of Islay, the rough seas and the winds of the Hebrides, Bowmore has been handcrafted since 1779. In the legendary "No. 1 Vault", the old stone vault on the edge of Loch Indaal, the magical character of Islay and centuries-old t
70.25 € without VAT 85 €
Ballantine’s True Music AC/DC Limited Edition Scotch Whisky 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
19.75 € without VAT 23.90 €
Scapa Glansa Single Malt Scortch Whisky 0,7 l 40% GP
In stock (5 pc)
68.60 € without VAT 83 €
Chivas XV 15Y Diwali Limited Edition Festive Series 1 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
81.82 € without VAT 99 €
Dewar's Double2 26Y 0,5 l 46%
In stock (> 5 pc)
280.17 € without VAT 339 €
Gold Well Whisky Batch III 0,5 l 59%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Limited edition of 391 bottles. The third edition of the joint project of the distillery Svachovka and the distillery R.JELÍNEK. The friendly cooperation of OLD WELL and GOLDCOCK is created primarily for whisky fans from Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia
57.02 € without VAT 69 €
Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish 12Y 0,7 l 46%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Glenmorangie Calvados Cask Finish is the latest addition to the successful Barrel Select range Release. In his latest experiment, for the 5th release in the series, Dr Bill Lumsden has focused on Calvados and how its rich flavor profile, full of note
73.55 € without VAT 89 €
Glenlivet 12Y Limited Edition 200 YEARS 0,7 l 43% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
Glenlivet 12Y LE 200 YEARS is the ANNIVERSARY EDITION of the 12 year old single malt whisky, produced to celebrate the 200th anniversary of The Glenlivet brand. Aged exclusively in American oak barrels, this rare release boasts an ABV of 43% and pay
52.07 € without VAT 63 €
Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition II 0,7 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Royal Salute Richard Quinn Edition II is a limited edition 21 year old blend that is the result of an experimental blending process led by Sandy Hyslop, Royal Salute's master blender, and Richard Quinn, the world-renowned designer. Through the carefu
164.46 € without VAT 199 €
Four Roses Small Batch LE 2023 0,7 l 54% New
In stock (> 5 pc)
Four Roses Small Batch Limited Edition 2023 is an exclusive bourbon made to celebrate the 135th anniversary of the Four Roses Small Batch tradition.  Nose and Taste:  Open the bottle and be enchanted by a rich symphony of aromas that combine subtle
230.58 € without VAT 279 €
Loch Lomond Original 1 l 40%
In stock (3 pc)
Loch Lomond Original is an exceptional single malt Scotch whisky that is the essence of smoothness, fullness and easy drinkability. Matured in the finest oak casks, it opens up a symphony of flavours with dominant notes of sweet honey and fresh citru
28.93 € without VAT 35 €
Chivas Royal Salute 23Y 0,7l 40% Exclusive GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
Chivas Royal Salute 23Y Exclusive GB introduces a brand new special edition in 2023, designed specifically for the Taiwanese market. This exceptional blended whisky is unique, making it the first Scotch whisky to exclusively celebrate and embrace Tai
214.05 € without VAT 259 €
J.Walker Blue Zodiac Rabbit 2023 1l 40% GB
In stock (> 5 pc)
263.64 € without VAT 319 €
Aberfeldy 16Y Madeira Cask 0,7 l 40%
In stock (> 5 pc)
Aberfeldy 16Y Madeira Cask undergoes a finishing process in aromatic Madeira wine casks, which add the distinctive notes of Madeira to this whisky while enhancing the complexity of the maturation of the malt.  This whisky offers rich notes of honey
78.51 € without VAT 95 €

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